Laurie Ann Wong is the founder and CEO of Reflections of Trinity Inc, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in Powder Springs Georgia.  Reflections of Trinity’s mission is to provide the basic needs of food and clothing to those in crisis and to facilitate structured opportunities for people to engage in meaningful community service. During her 14 years with Reflections of Trinity, Laurie has started and led multiple programs from the ground up, aimed at serving those living in the margins while building a diversely sustainable non-profit.

Her first start-up began in the fall of 2003 with a community thrift store that continues to be the financial and benevolent backbone of the organization. In an effort to expand her audience to a global marketplace, she started an eBay division in 2005. Since inception twelve years ago, her eBay store has grown to an anchor store level and awarded the grand prize for Small Business of the Year in the inaugural eBay Shine Awards in July 2016, which attracted over 1,500 entries for consideration.

In 2012, she established the Team 58 food pantry division to serve 33 families in need in her community. Laurie recognized that most working poor could not access church food pantries that typically opened on weekdays, so she began a pantry that was open on Saturday mornings.  Five years later, as an agency of the Atlanta Community Food Bank, Laurie and groups of volunteers distribute over 500 boxes of groceries each week and in 2016 alone, they served 991,883 lbs. of food to 16,221 individuals.

Laurie’s most recent startup, the Senior Bridge program, began in 2016 as an offshoot of the Team 58 food pantry, focusing on creating a food pantry delivery service for senior citizens who are disabled or lack access to transportation.  Since beginning fourteen months ago, this program has grown to serve over 200 senior citizens in Cobb County.

A Georgia resident since 1997, Laurie believes in a strong work ethic, excellence in program design and execution and collaboration in performance.  What began as a small dream to serve the underserved in her community now has a reach in 39 counties in Georgia, a 2017 budget of $1.9 Million, a fulltime staff of 9 employees and a regular roster of 60-100 volunteers weekly. With over 15,000 documented volunteer hours at Reflections of Trinity in 2016, over 125 structured community service events were completed.

Laurie is the mother of 6 adults and the grandmother of 9. Her hobbies include reading, travelling and time with family.